Thursday, August 18, 2005

happiness = coolness

Hello boys and girls.
happiness is cool, stay in school.
crack is whack. so don't take it in the back....

new roommate + no moving + no looking for a place to live + no stressing = happiness/coolness

paying rent + not being destitute + being able to buy food + eating = happiness/coolness

deciding my job is cool, and that I should enjoy it + not getting uptight about working too much + remembering I'm getting more hours + remembering more hours equals money = happiness/coolness

getting myself in the mindset to kick ass at school this semester + remembering learning is cool = happiness/coolness

telling that part of my head that tells me what I can and cant do, and yells mean and derogatory things at me to fuck off and shove it up its ass + deciding to stop being a depressed "Debbie Downer" making everyone else feel like shit around me + realizing I need to make myself happy + realizing that my life is only as bad as I make it = MONDO HAPPINESS/COOLNESS!!!!!


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