Friday, July 15, 2005

Soul Eclipse

Always inside
I act just like you
So you'll like what you see
And you won't see through my eyes

I throw myself up
Hate and take aim
Shards of desire fall with the rain

Blonde vacuum with a hidden mouth
That smokes inside like a cigarette
I'm sending languages
Secret messages
But I haven't found you yet

You say, "What's in your fist?
What's in your head?
What's in your eyes?
What's in your bed?"
I don't know
But don't give up

There's a fist in my head
Dreams in my fist
Eyes in my sex
Sex in my mouth
You don't know
But don't give up

I'm interesting
You think I'm interesting
Like the Apocalypse
I'm trying to connect with you
But I'm dark in a soul eclipse

I can't get this sleep out of my eyes
I wear colors to bed
And dream I'm writing the skies with joy



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